Snowmobiling is a great way for travelers to discover the spirit of Finnish Lapland during your winter adventure. Operating snowmobile in the wide-open snow landscape covered by white snow under Northern Lights can be breathtaking and fascinating for drivers.

Driving Hand Signals:

Raising of Left Hand means Prepare to Stop
Left Hand Up and Down means Let’s Go
Waving Left Hand means Attention! Slow Down!
Crossing Hands means Stay on the Mobile

Knowing the Hand Signals makes your driving safer and more enjoyable.

The snowmobile is an easy vehicle to drive. During driving you can use only the accelerator under your right hand  and brake under your left hand. Also the engine is automatic. If you press the red button on the handlebars, the snowmobile will stop.

Requirement for Driving Snowmobiles:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid driving license
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic is prohibited
  • Driving with 2 persons per snowmobile
  • Driving along with extra payment

We Provide Safari Outfit:

  • Helmet
  • Woolen hat
  • Scarf
  • Mittens
  • Balaclava
  • Shoes
  • Woolen socks
  • Snowmobile overall