If you decide to spend Christmas in Finland, you will experience a true fairy tale: spicy mulled wine, rosy Santas, soft white snow, smart streets, and an overall atmosphere of joy and hope for a better future.

Pikkuyolu, or Little Christmas, begins on the first Sunday of December and runs through Catholic Christmas. This is regarded as the official “beginning” of the Christmas season. The first New Year’s decorations appear on the streets, in the form of snowflakes and stars. Many interesting items can be found in “Little Christmas.” You can visit one of the Lutheran churches on the first Sunday of December. A long and romantic hosanna is traditionally sung during the morning service. They’re putting on a big church music concert that evening. Glegs are served instead of beer in pubs and restaurants. This traditional Finnish beverage consists of red wine, vodka, and spices. Each establishment’s owner usually has a slightly different glögi recipe than the others. Remember to buy the gingerbread. These candies, shaped like stars and gingerbread men, have a distinct island sweet taste. And they are only available in stores during the Christmas season, from November to January. Also you can purchase authentic Finnish Christmas decorations for your home. It could be a straw New Year’s goat tied with scarlet ribbons and a Santa Claus figure. These ornaments are thought to bring good luck in the coming year. It’s time to join the pre-New Year’s shopping frenzy and stroll down beautifully decorated streets while sipping mulled wine in cafes.

On the 24th and 25th of December, it may appear that there is nothing to do: nearly all shops and restaurants are closed, and the streets are deserted. But if you visit Turku for Christmas, make your way to the city’s central square at precisely 12:00 on December 24th. The mayor solemnly proclaims “Christmas Peace,” and the 700-year-old Turku Cathedral’s bells strike 12 times. Suomi’s official Christmas holidays begin at this time. This practice has been around since the thirteenth century. Following the announcement of the Christmas world, all trade, work, and legal proceedings were officially halted for the holidays. Surprisingly, not much has changed over time.
On December 25, take a stroll through the peaceful fairytale city. You are also welcome to visit any Catholic church. On Christmas morning, extraordinarily beautiful services are held, the organ plays, and the gentle voices of the chanters soar beneath the high church vaults.

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